AF Austin’s June grantee: Control Moment Gyroscope for Robotics

June 30, 2013

The Austin Awesome Foundation’s June $1000 grant goes to a talented team of Austin high school students, Joshua Stricker and Marek Travnikar. Both Josh and Marek are members of their school’s robotics team, which is how they got the idea for their project: a Control Moment Gyroscope (CMG). We’ll let Josh and Marek explain what that means:   A CMG uses the angular momentum of a high speed flywheel to effect the movement of the object that the gyroscope is mounted to. The most common application of CMGs is in satellites, such as the international space station, where they are used for navigation and maneuvering. Our design is obviously on a much smaller scale. our goal is to be able to perform wheelies, somersaults, rolls and other maneuvers on a 120-pound robot solely using the CMG.   The way we would accomplish this is relatively simple. A 30-pound flywheel is spun up to and kept spinning at 6000rpm by two powerful Cim motors. This assembly is mounted on two gimbals which can each be rotated 360 degrees, applying a torque to the flywheel. This rotation is accomplished with two more Cims, one per gimbal, each with a three stage planetary gearbox… read more →

Awesome Foundation MIAMI collaborates with Whereby.US

June 18, 2013

Awesome Foundation MIAMI is thrilled to announce a collaboration with WhereBy.Us, a local Miami collaborative formed to create and do small, achievable civic projects together that make Miami a better place to live! The two organizations came together to host an pannel discussion and working session to address the issue of “How to create a more vibrant Downtown Miami?” Multiple working groups pitched their ideas to the gathered audience and three finalists were selected, all intent on creating innovative avenues for more engagement and activity in Miami’s Downtown. The three finalists will now have a month to construct more specific plans for their ideas and present them in more detail to the Awesome Foundation MIAMI. In turn, we will give an additional monthly grant to our favorite idea. To see photos of this fantastic collaboration, see our Facebook album!

Parking Lot Dance Social

June 6, 2013

It’s pretty awesome when a group of neighbours come together and take back their neighbourhood.  That’s what happened when Vicki Garland and her neighbours at Kathleen Ave. and Walnut St. in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, joined together to form the Parents Standing Together Tenants Association.  The group is celebrating their 5th anniversary and what a perfect way to celebrate by having a parking lot dance social where the whole community can come together and celebrate.  Food, music, dance contests, lawn games, hula hoop contest = AWESOME!  The Awesome Foundation is stoked to support a group who are so involved in keeping their community a happy and safe place to live.