First Awesome Foundation Berlin Grant for a Wild Ride

December 16, 2010

Today, the Berlin chapter of the Awesome Foundation was proud to announce the first grand winner. Many applicants were present this morning at Betahaus when we had the honor to hand over a brown paper bag filled with 1000 EUR to Konrad who convinced with his awesome idea: a “Wilde Schlittenfahrt”, a wild downhill sledge ride. Konrad (seen above with a hat and one hand on the money bag) will build a sleigh track with different lanes to enjoy winter and the snow. It will be maintained, so it lasts a while. He already has some locations in mind and is eager to realize his snowride soon. In this video, Konrad explains his idea with his own words: Wilde Schlittenfahrt aka Wild sled ride – Awesome Foundation Berlin grantee Konrad explains his idea from Henrik Moltke on Vimeo. We liked the idea because it spreads love and fun during a very hard, dark and cold time in Berlin: winter. It will bring people together and create a friendly environment. It is realizable soon and within the budget. Plus: We all look forward to riding that hill ourselves, awesome! Thanks to everybody who submitted their ideas, we were amazed by the… read more →