New York Makes First Award: A BIG LASER!

January 29, 2010

Awesome NY have made their first selection!  It was tough NY – you completely blew us away with amazing incredibly brilliant ideas. But – this month, for our inaugural grant, we’ve picked a LASER TWEEZER that makes amoebas eat bacteria. Awesomeness to the MAX. No – really, its a laser tractor beam that prods amoebas.  We’ve awarded January’s $1000 grant to Ben Dubin-Thaler’s Cell Motion BioBus. We’ll be celebrating with Ben at the First AF-NY Award Ceremony on Monday February 8 at 8 pm, at the Apple Bar, Waverly at Greene. Come and join us for a beer, meet the NY Micro Trustees – and we’re working on getting the BioBus there too.  Beyond Awesome. More on the BioBus: The BioBus is a mobile science laboratory. Students on board explore the world around them with research-grade microscopes, and make their own discoveries under the guidance of professional scientists.  The BioBus has proven to be an innovative, effective, and attention getting vehicle for science education. Ben has been named “New Yorker of the Week” by New York One and have been recognized in regional, national, and international press for this innovative approach to bridging the “science achievement gap.” A laser tractor beam will be… read more →

New York is GO!

January 14, 2010

Last night the NY micro-trustees got together – and here we are…. We’re completely excited to introduce our newest trustees: Brandon Kessler Dawn Barber Steve Rosenbaum The deadline for this month’s submissions is 11:59 PM Eastern on the 14th (tonight!) Apply at

December Fellow Talk (Boston): “Tools for Improved Social Interacting”

January 12, 2010

Awesome Foundation for Arts and Sciences and dorkbot-boston Present: Lauren McCarthy: Tools for Improved Social Interacting DATE: Fri, Jan 15, 7-9PM (Free and Open to the Public) VENUES: The talk will be at sprout’s offices (339R Summer Street, Somerville, MA – just outside of Davis Square T). It’s set back from the street, down the driveway to the right of 339 Summer Street (the “R” stands for “Rear”). Reception to follow at The Spirit Bar (2046 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA – near Porter Square T) on Mass Ave and Creighton across the street from the Hess station. TOPIC: Lauren McCarthy will present her latest work of wearable devices. Funded in part by The Awesome Foundation, her Tools for Improved Social Interacting are items of clothing that use sensors and electronics to train the wearer to better adapt to expected social behaviors. The Tools for Improved Social Interacting are a “Series of wearable devices that use sensors to condition the behavior of the wearer to better adapt to expected social behaviors.” Guests are encouraged to bring their own projects to participate in OpenDork after her talk, a show-and-tell of people doing strange things with electricity. Art and technology projects at all stages… read more →

Providence Chapter Makes Music With Inaugural Award

January 4, 2010

The Providence Chapter of the Awesome Foundation for Arts and Sciences is psyched to announce that Otto D’Ambrosio of D’Ambrosio Guitars has received the chapter’s first award. D’Ambrosio will take his $1,000 and complete a functional, four-foot replica of the renowned hollow body guitars the Rhode Island-based craftsman builds for musicians across the U.S. This time, the rare wood and antique finish D’Ambrosio uses on his one-of-a-kind instruments will be replaced with durable fiberglass, kid-inspired colors and simple electronics to create a giant, playable guitar for music-hungry kids across Providence. D’Ambrosio will begin work to complete the guitar in January, with an eye towards debuting an initial installation of the mobile unit in early spring. D’Ambrosio’s proposal was selected from more than two dozen applicants, many of who have been encouraged to re-apply in the coming months (the Providence chapter of the Awesome Foundation makes one $1,000 award each month). “I’ve had the framework for the guitar kicking around my shop for more than a year–the mock up was initially used in a magazine shoot,” says D’Ambrosio. “The frame, an oversized replica of a guitar I built for a customer, was too bizarre to throw away after the shoot. I’ve… read more →

Hello, New York!

January 1, 2010

Happy New Year! The Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences is thrilled today to kick off 2010 by announcing that we are officially launching a new chapter of the Foundation in New York City. Additionally, we’re honored and seriously pumped to be welcoming a simply stellar cast of micro-trustees steering this project and forwarding the interest of awesome in the universe, including: * Catherine White * Caterina Fake * Chris Dixon * Sam Lessin * Clay Shirky * Colin Nederkoorn * Jesse Chan Norris * Douglas Repetto * And, AF-NYC’s Dean of Awesome, the Honorable Lee-Sean Huang Since it’s January 1st, this means that applications are open once again on the main grant submission page. And if you’re in New York City, this means that it’s officially open season to grab a chance to become the city’s very first Fellow! Grants close once again promptly on January 15th, so it’s worth not delaying and submitting your project ideas as soon as you can. You might notice that we’re short a few of our micro-trustees (the usual board is ten, to create our $1,000 grant). We’re still sorting out the details with the remaining slots, and we’ll be announcing them as they confirm in January! Stay tuned, dear readers.