Awesome Foundation NYC’s April Grant

April 27, 2010

Cross-posted from NYC trustee Catherine White’s blog, Just White Noise. This month, Awesome NYC went somewhere no other Awesome Foundation Chapter has ever been:  Reptiles. AF-NY has so far brought you LAZORS and a movable pipe organ.  This month we’re pushing forward the boundaries of Awesome even further.  We bring you…. Iguanas. Real ones. Elizabeth, one of this month’s Awesome grant recipients up close with Mayor Bloomberg Picture: Brooklyn Children’s Museum Iggy and Elizabeth live at The Brooklyn Children’s Museum, and their home needs a makeover.  Specifically, a whole new home.  The $1000 from NY-AF covers all of the supplies and the labor and production could happen in-house.  The enclosure will be created in 2-3 months meaning Iggy and Elizabeth will holding their iguana housewarming party during the summer.  We’re getting a PLAQUE too. Awesome. As ever, the proposals speak for themselves.  Here’s the original application from Iggy and Elizabeth’s rep at the Museum: Jarad Astin, Live Animal Programmer at Brooklyn Children’s Museum: “The Brooklyn Children’s Museum serves hundreds of thousands of visitors every single year, providing an opportunity for learning and play with a strong emphasis on the Natural Sciences, Culture, and Early Childhood experience. A goal for our… read more →

Boston March Award Party

April 20, 2010

We’re throwing a party on Friday for our March fellow, biohacker Charles Fracchia. Actually, we’re crashing one. Our good friends at oneforty are having their officewarming party and have kindly offered to host us. So come on out to mix it up with the Boston startup scene and witness the wonders of Charles’ bioengineered inks. Ordinary pens that draw from actual living, growing ink cartridges. Crazy! And in different colors too. You’ll have a chance to doodle with them if you want. You’re invited to the: Awesome Foundation Boston March Award Party Friday, April 23, 7:30-9:00pm oneforty, inc. 614 Massachusetts Ave, 2nd Floor Cambridge, MA RSVP here! Have an awesome idea of your own? Each Awesome Foundation chapter awards $1,000 grants every month, no strings attached, to fund just such a thing. Apply at

Hello World from San Francisco

April 19, 2010

Hello World! The Awesome Foundation-San Francisco had its kick-off meeting last week and we are psyched to start awarding $1K grants to men and women with awesome ideas! We’re focusing on Bay Area projects/submissions and our first submission review meeting will be mid-May. If you have a project that rocks, be sure and submit your idea by May 11, 2010 for our chapter to consider. Can’t wait to see what’s out there!

Onward to the Pacific!

April 19, 2010

The Awesome Foundation is pleased to introduce our latest chapter, San Francisco. We’re thrilled to have such an amazing group of people involved, and on a personal level, I’m proud to call several of them friends. Ladies and gents, here are your AF-SF micro-trustees: Amit Gupta Brynn Evans Ivan Kirigin Jesse Farmer Kevin Adler Krista Sanders Mitch Altman Raffi Krikorian Rod Begbie Tim Bentley and Jesse Taggert as AF-SF’s Dean of Awesome We anxiously await their first grant. I’m sure it will be amazing! Now that the Awesome Foundation has reached the Pacific, where do we go from here? Stay tuned to find out.

Awesome Foundation NYC April Party

April 13, 2010

Every month the Awesome Foundation NYC gives away $1000 a month to something that is awesome. It can be anything, anywhere….then we throw a party give out the award (always cash in a brown paper bag), and celebrate all things AWESOME that month. You are invited to the: Awesome Foundation NYC April Party Monday, April 19, at 7pm D.B.A. in the East Village 41 1st Ave. btw 2nd & 3rd RSVP at In previous months we have funded a laser tractor beam that prods amoebas in a bus and an Arduino-powered Anywhere Organ. This month we are funding something more reptilian in nature. Just what exactly? Come see for yourself in the flesh on Monday, April 19 at 7pm. These things have a curfew. Who is the Awesome Foundation NYC? Jesse Chan-Norris, Lee-Sean Huang, Sam Lessin, Steve Rosenbaum, Douglas Repetto, Dawn Barber, Clay Shirky, Colin Nederkoorn, Brandon Kessler, Catherine White, and Elizabeth Stark. And how do you apply for an Awesome Foundation grant? by the end of the month, awesome. Hope to see you next week, The Awesome Foundation NYC