Awesome LA Gets Wild At Animal West!

May 31, 2011

Come celebrate our newest grant award winner at First Fridays on Abbot Kinney! Mingle and learn about Awesome projects going on! Drinks and good cheer provided. Friday, June 3 · 7:00pm – 9:00pm Animal West Studio – 1212A Abbot Kinney Blvd. Venice, CA Parking is available on streets nearby. Thanks to our talented visual effects friends at Animal West for donating their beautiful space for our event!

Melbourne Macarons – May Grant Recipient

May 30, 2011

Saturday night the Awesome Foundation Melbourne met at Veludo in St Kilda. A few micro trustees were away and we had a visiting guest economist Nicholas Gruen. We discussed and named our final selection, and the grant recipient was Melbourne Macarons. However as Xavier Shay is a vegan, Xavier decided to give his $100 to the Animal Liberation Front. Today I met Linda from Melbourne Macarons. She was very happy to received the $900 towards her secret macaron project. All the best Linda, and we look forward to hearing more once the secret project is unveiled!

Save the Date – Awesome NYC’s next party is June 27, 8 pm

May 26, 2011

Awesome Foundation NYC’s next party will be at Babycastles in Brooklyn (285 Kent Avenue) on June 27th, 8 pm. Details coming soon! RSVP on Facebook to get updates

Melbourne April Grant – HackerSpace ArduinoLab

May 24, 2011

At the end of April the Melbourne Awesome Foundation met for dinner, and chose the Melbourne HackerSpace ArduinoLab as the grant recipient. I have to admit I didn’t totally understand their project, but the energy for their project from all the other micro-trustees was so awesome, I trusted that and gave them my vote too. We called the guys immediately, and they were thrilled to receive the grant. They were working on their project while we were eating dinner on Saturday night! Here’s their blog to explain what they do – I certainly can’t. 🙂 And here’s their submission: Who: Founder of the Melbourne HackerSpace (not-for-profit community technology group) Project: High-school science portable electronics laboratory-in-a-box Awesomeness: Promotes science experimentation in schools with an affordable device that is open and customisable/extensible by teachers and students. How: The Melbourne HackerSpace has completed the initial design/prototype and has the members and track record in completing several previous projects of this complexity. We work closely with Freetronics (, a local Melbourne company that can manufacture/distribute open-source hardware designs on behalf of others. Overview: The ArduinoLab is a portable unit consisting of a graphics screen, buttons/knobs for user interface … as well as several… read more →

WARNING: Contains Inspirational Perspiration

May 11, 2011

Awesome DC have been busy bees this Spring! In part inspired by our wildly energetic April grantees – GirlTrek. I talked to Vanessa about the project and what the Awesome grant means for them. Warning: Get ready to be inspired! What is GirlTrek all about, what do you do, and who is it for? GirlTrek puts the Move back in Movement. 80% of Black women are overweight.  Researchers predict that 100% of us will be overweight by 2034.  We were two ordinary Black women, with no real health background or health role models.  To get moving – we set goals and started walking everyday.  In a few months, Vanessa ran a half marathon for the first time, and Morgan went on her very first backpacking trip – 50 miles! But our personal victories weren’t enough to shake the haunting statistics that implicated our families and friends. We had inspired them by our own transformations. We knew they were listening and watching, but how could we get them to join us?  Better yet, how could we ignite a national movement of motivated women?  One step at a time. GirlTrek is a 10-week walking challenge and a call to action. Each spring we recruit… read more →