The Awesome Foundation Micro-Trustees

June 23, 2009

Following the call for the creation of the Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences and an ensuing wave of retweets, the staff over here at Broseph Stalin have been busy trawling through the micro-trustee applications that floated through the ether to us. We’re still waiting on two more to get back to us (will be posted here as soon as we hear back from them), but I’m happy to announce today that the bulk of the micro-trustees have accepted their offers and we’re happy to go public with the inaugural board of the Foundation. They are: David Nunez (Dorkbot Boston) Reed Sturtevant (Director, Microsoft Startup Labs) Emily Daniels (Dorkbot Boston) Keith Hopper (Public Interactive Group, NPR) David Fisher (Web Ecology Project, Development Ninja) Erhardt Graeff (The Berkman Center for Internet and Society) Evan Burchard (Developer, Rocker) Tim Hwang (ROFLCon) Kickass. We’re pumped here at Broseph by the collection of organizations represented, and the e-mails we’ve already gotten to apply for micro-genius grants. We’ll be meeting up this week to get everything in place for the summer, and they’ll be information on how to apply for Awesome Fellowships shortly. Stay tuned… Update: as of this morning, we’re happy to announce… read more →

The Awesome Foundation Seeks Awesome Trustees

June 5, 2009

Cross posted from the original “Call to Awesome” on Tim Hwang’s blog. I’ve been babbling directionlessly about crowdsourcing Awesome for a little while now, but I’m glad to report that after some encouragement from the awesome folks at Dorkbot Boston and Betahouse — we’re finally getting off our behinds here at BrosephStalin headquarters in Boston. We’ve teamed up with the good people at Information Superhighway and are officially announcing today the creation of first (and only) chapter of The Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences. And we’re seeking trustees to be a part of it. And, you might ask: what is the Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences? I’m glad you asked. The idea is simple: create a monthly $1,000 grant awarded to a person doing things to forward the interest of Awesome. The money will be spent on a project, activity, or research, and it will be (intentionally) broadly defined. We don’t even really care if it’s for fun or for profit. We will never claim your intellectual property or anything like that, and anyone in the world is eligible. So long as you need the money and the idea is awesome, you will receive it with… read more →