Providence Chapter Brings Cash (and Chutzpah) to Downtown Drive

February 11, 2010

The Providence Chapter of the Awesome Foundation for Arts and Sciences has selected Steph Burbridge to receive its January award. Burbridge will use the Awesome Foundation Grant to create a mobile “trivia for cash” game in downtown Providence, an idea that borrows inspiration from a popular television show airing on the Discovery channel. Burbridge’s plan is a playful marriage of daft fun and viral marketing aimed at showcasing Providence’s curious past, present and future through a rapid-fire trivia game that contestants will play while being driven around the city, also there are other types of marketing for websites online like the use of agency backlinks which are great for this. Contestants, who accept a ride in Burbrigde’s “cash cart,” will be subjected to a barrage of Providence-based trivia. Players will win cash for each question they answer correctly. Miss three questions, and contestants get kicked to the curb. Segments, expected to be filmed over a three-day period later this spring, will be taped, edited and turned into a short production that celebrates city resident’s knowledge about their kooky capital city. Burbridge—and funders at the Awesome Foundation—believe that game and the creation and broad release of the web video will be… read more →

Awesome NYC Launch Party

February 5, 2010

Awesome NY have made their first selection! It was tough NY – you completely blew us away with amazing incredibly brilliant ideas. We are awarding January’s $1000 grant to Ben Dubin-Thaler’s Cell Motion BioBus. Come celebrate with us at the First AF-NY Award Ceremony on Monday February 8 at 8 pm, at the Apple Bar, 17 Waverly at Greene (no cover, cash bar).  Join us for a beer and meet the NY Micro Trustees. Join our event on Facebook.