One Awesome Party.

February 26, 2012

Three awesome things happened last Wednesday in Melbourne. The Melbourne Awesome Foundation turned one. We threw a party. We gave away $4,317 in our first mega grant.   We got together at Inspire 9‘s co-working space and were greeted at the door by probably the only Tram Inspector we ever will be happy to see. We’d come together on this night on the common ground of a few things: we like to eat, we like to drink, and we like to spread awesomeness. Miss Tresna Lee, you are an epic party planner and many thanks go your way. Here’s what the night entailed:   – Rooftop Honey: One of our previous grant winners gave everyone a sample of their honey tasting spectrum; honeypots from each suburb of Melbourne. We have to say, Northside takes the cake.  – We listened to the sweet sounds of previous grant winner, Tram Sessions, all night. Including the likes of Courtney Barnett and Johnny Rock and The Limits. –The West Winds Gin boys got everyone talking: Sabre gin, matured lemon juice, crumbled Rooftop Honeycomb – need we say more. –Miss Chu, the Rice Paper Queen gave us some incredible chow.- Little Creatures provided us some nice brews. – Monk Bohdi… read more →

Awesome Squared. Welcome to Melbourne.

February 12, 2012

The Awesome Foundation begins their second chapter in Melbourne, Awesome Squared, with five positions available for the taking. There are undeniably a lot of awesome things happening in Melbourne. We are after all, the most livable city in the world. That’s why the Awesome Foundation exists. So what if there was 2x as much Awesome? Enter Awesome Squared. A whole new crew, a whole new vibe. Why? Why not? Awesome Squared currently has five members locked in, they include one that likes to draw, one that writes, one that blogs, one that tweets and one that funds other mega grants. They’re looking for five more board members. Anyone can apply for the position or a grant by contacting and providing a short and sweet bio.