New Kids On The Block in Boston

January 25, 2011

There’s some new* blood in the Boston Chapter of The Awesome Foundation. Christina Xu 2nd Tim Hwang** Chair for Higher Awesome Studies (July 2010) In addition to being the Multitasker at Breadpig, Christina is the co-founder of ROFLCon, one of the proprietors of a coworking space in Cambridge called p.irateship, and a DJ for a weekly radio show called Global Frequency. She tweets about all of these things and more here. Doc Searls 3rd Matt Blake** Chair for Higher Awesome Studies (September 2010) Doc is Senior Editor of Linux Journal, co-author of The Cluetrain Manifesto, an alumnus fellow with the Berkman Center for Internet and Society at Harvard University, a fellow with the Center for Information Technology and Society (CITS) at the University of California, Santa Barbara, one of the world’s most quoted bloggers, and a photographer committed to enlarging the sum of images in the public domain. Chris Marstall 2nd Emily Daniels** Chair for Higher Awesome Studies (October 2010) Chris is a programmer and creator of the concert alert service He’s the Creative Technologist at The Boston Globe charged with establishing their Media Lab, and a fixture on the local music technology scene to boot. Word on the… read more →

The First LA Awesome Fellow is a Mystery No More!

January 5, 2011

Turns out there’s a lot of awesome in LA. And after wading through dozens of applications, the Awesome Foundation Los Angeles is awarding it’s first 1K Awesome Grant to Dave Green, creator of Mystery Trip LA!! What’s Mystery Trip LA? Let Dave (he’s the third from the right) tell you! Mystery Trip started out as a summer camp tradition.  Whereas we usually knew where we were going before getting on a bus for a trip, one day a summer, we headed out and had no idea the destination until we got there.  Sometimes it was to a dinner theater, a disco or even roller skating.  It was always fun, even if a bit corny, because we were with friends.  Years later, it has morphed into a unique event that takes Mysterions all over Los Angeles to experience the fun, unique and quirky people, places and events in our city. Mystery Trip is meant to bring you and your guests back to a more innocent time where you could put their faith into someone else’s hands and trust you were going to have a good time. Dave’s LA Mystery Trips started out as a goof for his friends, bussing them around… read more →

Hey LA – can you handle the awesome?

October 29, 2010

Are you in SoCal with an awesome idea and need a $1,000 to make it happen? The fresh-out-of-the-oven LA chapter of the Awesome Foundation is here to help! We are a group of awesome-loving Angelinos who, once a month, will each put $100 in a brown paper bag and give the collective $1,000 to someone doing something awesome. For real. No strings attached. Your idea/project/passion can be creative, important, ridiculous, or rad – or all four – just as long as: it’s awesome. it’s local (OK, local-ish. OK, just somehow connected to LA). it’s at the tipping point, and could really use a thousand bucks to push it over the edge to reality. The first deadline is November 15 — fill out the supersimple Awesome Grant application, and read more about the origin of the Awesome Foundation. And follow us here and here. This is it, Los Angeles. We’re on the roof projecting our Awesome signal into the night sky. We just hope Awesome sees it…