Hey LA – can you handle the awesome?

October 29, 2010

Are you in SoCal with an awesome idea and need a $1,000 to make it happen? The fresh-out-of-the-oven LA chapter of the Awesome Foundation is here to help!

We are a group of awesome-loving Angelinos who, once a month, will each put $100 in a brown paper bag and give the collective $1,000 to someone doing something awesome. For real. No strings attached.

Your idea/project/passion can be creative, important, ridiculous, or rad – or all four – just as long as:

  1. it’s awesome.
  2. it’s local (OK, local-ish. OK, just somehow connected to LA).
  3. it’s at the tipping point, and could really use a thousand bucks to push it over the edge to reality.

The first deadline is November 15 — fill out the supersimple Awesome Grant application, and read more about the origin of the Awesome Foundation. And follow us here and here.

This is it, Los Angeles. We’re on the roof projecting our Awesome signal into the night sky. We just hope Awesome sees it…