Boston March Award Party

April 20, 2010

We’re throwing a party on Friday for our March fellow, biohacker Charles Fracchia. Actually, we’re crashing one. Our good friends at oneforty are having their officewarming party and have kindly offered to host us. So come on out to mix it up with the Boston startup scene and witness the wonders of Charles’ bioengineered inks. Ordinary pens that draw from actual living, growing ink cartridges. Crazy! And in different colors too. You’ll have a chance to doodle with them if you want. You’re invited to the: Awesome Foundation Boston March Award Party Friday, April 23, 7:30-9:00pm oneforty, inc. 614 Massachusetts Ave, 2nd Floor Cambridge, MA RSVP here! Have an awesome idea of your own? Each Awesome Foundation chapter awards $1,000 grants every month, no strings attached, to fund just such a thing. Apply at

Onward to the Pacific!

April 19, 2010

The Awesome Foundation is pleased to introduce our latest chapter, San Francisco. We’re thrilled to have such an amazing group of people involved, and on a personal level, I’m proud to call several of them friends. Ladies and gents, here are your AF-SF micro-trustees: Amit Gupta Brynn Evans Ivan Kirigin Jesse Farmer Kevin Adler Krista Sanders Mitch Altman Raffi Krikorian Rod Begbie Tim Bentley and Jesse Taggert as AF-SF’s Dean of Awesome We anxiously await their first grant. I’m sure it will be amazing! Now that the Awesome Foundation has reached the Pacific, where do we go from here? Stay tuned to find out.

The Awesome Foundation website, reloaded

April 1, 2010

Welcome to the new Awesome Foundation website! While it’s still a work in progress, we hope it does a better job of conveying what the Awesome Foundation is all about. In particular, we wanted to make it clear that what started as a simple idea in Cambridge, MA last July has grown well beyond Boston’s borders and is becoming a nationwide – and perhaps soon international – movement. When we started this thing, we knew we were in for a fun ride. I mean, really, how could you not love reviewing submissions about cotton candy cannons, giant guitars and laser tractor beams?! But we were blown away by the immediate response from friends in other cities who wanted to start chapters of their own. We figured we’d better give it a few months to work out the kinks first, but Providence opened up shop in October, New York City followed closely behind in January, and now as we turn the calendar to April, San Francisco is raring to go. And that’s not counting the handful of nascent chapters that you may hear about in the coming months, or groups like ScaleWell who are applying the same model to entrepreneurship. We’re… read more →

Welcome to the Awesome Foundation

August 1, 2009

Founded in June 2009, The Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences awards $1,000 grants monthly to projects that advance the interest of Awesomeness in our universe. There are no requirements for applying, no definite criteria for deciding the winner, and no limitations beyond the necessity for being awesome. Winners receive the money in cash, check, or gold doubloons, no strings attached. To learn more or apply, get on over to You can also follow us on Twitter and Facebook.