“These Girls Are On Fire,”

April 13, 2013

and the South Bay Awesome Foundation is rewarding The Bella Foundation for their deep inner beauty. The $1000 grant goes to “Childrens Portraits for Struggling Mothers.” A picture is worth a thousand words and provides a lasting memory that is forever. Working with a local womens shelter, Ms. Ward, the project leader on this one, used her photography skills to provide a beautiful family photo to women and their children who otherwise might not be able to afford one. At a time when money is tight, the women were happy to bond with their children around the photo. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? Besides writing a mandatory by-law that says that chocolate must be eaten at every meeting, the four girls: Avery Ward, Annaliese Snowhook, Rebecca Schomer, and Alicia Schomer are serious about making the world a better place. The girls are on their way to non-profit status and using our Awesome grant, have been propelled to a higher realm.  They are already making plans for future projects which include other photo days with Richmond Family Center, working the a local stable to provide lessons for autistic children, and providing improv classes to local youth. The Bella Foundation proves that a… read more →

The Sky is the Limit for SKYvision

February 11, 2013

The South Bay Awesome Foundation is uber excited to name SKYvision as the latest recipient of an awesome grant.  Students Karing for Youth Vision (or SKYvision) was founded in 2005 by a group of optometry students hoping to make an impact in their local community.  They have certainly done just that and this group seems to be on their way to great things.  Beginning with just two students and an idea, the group has grown into a structured organization with a treasurer and Faculty advisor.   SKYvision’s goal is to provide quality glasses for young people who otherwise could not afford it.  Imagine you are a 3rd grade student who struggles to stay focused in class and is falling behind in school, all because you can’t see the chalk board and you do not have the means to get glasses.  Where do you go?  What do you do?  That’s where SKYvision comes in.  The process starts with the donation of frames through the Optometric Fraternity Omega Delta.  Next SKYvision uses at-cost lenses from their school lab.  Finally, it’s a matter of matching up those in need with a fresh set of spectacles, which happens at the school‘s (South California College of… read more →


December 3, 2012

Planet Orchestra Performing for Foundation Board Members on October 19th, 2012   What happens when you combine curious kids, eager parents and a whole bucket load of orchestral instruments?  You get planet Orchestra.  Los Angeles South Bay Awesome Foundation (yes, that’s a mouthful isn’t it?) was excited to the brim to award it’s second grant to a growing group of devoted musicians based out of Lawndale California.  These musicians aren’t your ordinary orchestra, they are youth that are given free lessons, an instrument and (most valuable of all) a nurturing environment in which “to come together to achieve the common good of making music.”  Planet orchestra has grown, from its inception in 2010 with a group of eight children, to a thriving group of professional musicians, volunteers, parents and children. Based in Lawndale, Planet Orchestra has grand ideas and does not plan to stop with just a few lessons to a few kids.  This energetic group of social entrepreneurs hopes to use its existing system to spring board into school classrooms, dance studios, and (in the words of Buzz Lightyear) to infinite and beyond!  There’s little doubt that Planet Orchestra will continue to impact lives and make our world a… read more →

LA South Bay Chapter Awards 1st Grant!

July 9, 2012

Don’t we all dream of being awesome parents? The Los Angeles South Bay chapter of the Awesome Foundation is pleased to announce that our first grant – awarded on July 7, 2012 –  will support parents everywhere in getting one step closer to that dream. No, its not free tickets to Disneyland. Pearent.com is an interactive platform that incorporates the ideas of child psychologists, educators and researchers of the Pear model of parenting.  The grant will be used to create interactive visual modules that demonstrates how to bring out the inner awesomeness of every child. It is one small step for the Awesome Foundation and one giant step for parents everywhere.