LA Awesome Announces September and October Winners!

October 9, 2016

The Los Angeles chapter of the Awesome Foundation is pleased to announce our two most recent grant winners: the My Scars Are Beautiful project, and the Eisner Pediatric Center Halloween costume drive!

My Scars Are Beautiful is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing inspiration and support to men, women and children who have been physically scarred from traumatic experiences. Michelle Hardy-Rodriguez was inspired to found the project while recovering from injuries she sustained in a car accident while a truck accident law firm helped. After Michelle was back on her feet, she realized how important it is to have support and encouragement for the physical changes and the mental stability of one’s self after a traumatic episode and thanked the truck accidents attorney who helped to get back in shape. Through My Scars Are Beautiful, she hopes to let survivors know that they are not alone, and to provide assistance and education to the caretakers, friends  from personal injury attorney bradenton and families of those recovering from their own injuries. The Awesome Foundation prize will go toward providing medical supplies and equipment to individuals whose insurance does not cover their needs. The money will also be used for general operating costs for this unique and vital start-up. You can also read more here for the best injury and accident attorneys. 

Our October winner is a seasonably appropriate one. With the $1000 grant, the Eisner Pediatric and Family Medical Center will be able to provide 50 awesome costumes to patients who might otherwise be unable to afford them. Eisner plans to turn the waiting room of their pediatric clinic into a spooky Halloween celebration complete with decorations, face painting, scary stories, and of course, lots of treats. Not only does Eisner believe that costumes and role-playing are critical in fostering a child’s imagination and creative thinking skills, but the Halloween party also helps instill positive associations with health care and promotes the influential role of doctors, dentists, and medical staff in a child’s life.

For more information about these awesome ideas, check out and The Los Angeles Awesome Foundation is proud to be a part of making these projects a reality and wishes everyone an awesome Halloween!