Set Sail with LA Awesome Foundation’s Grant Winner, Yaron Hakim

February 28, 2013

Art is good. Big Boats are great.  Big Art Boats are AWESOME.
The Los Angeles Awesome Foundation is proud to award its February Awesome grant to LA-based artist Yaron Michael Hakim. With help from our $1,000 bucks –  and his own two hands – Hakim is building a 22-foot sailing vessel known as a proa, which he will sail 22 miles across the sea to Catalina Island in mid-March as part of his greater body of work focused on travel and life-journey.  Along his two-day trip, all by his lonesome, he’ll will be capturing stills and video that will be used later for an exhibit on April 25, 2013 at the University of California – Irvine.
You can track the progress of this truly awesome live action art piece, check out