We’re getting our TED x Melbourne on!

June 29, 2012

Here at Awesome Melbourne we are champing at the bit to stand at the edge of awesome and are constantly on the hunt to present you guys with something a little radical. In February we held the Awesome Party where you guys joined use in forwarding $4,317 to the universe with our first mega grant. That set the bar at a height of pretty epic proportions! Until now…

The less awesome news: We will be holding off on the June grant, but our sister Awesome Squared will still be granting $1,000 this month.

The totally awesome news: We will be giving away $1,000 in July…and the July grant winner will get to speak at TEDxMelbourne about their awesome idea with spreading!

You know TEDxMelbourne, right? That massive event where rad people talk, influence and ignite real conversations. And just like us, they don’t ask permission, they just do. This is a crazy awesome platform guys. Not only are we giving you a $1,000 micro-flash of cash to catalyse your project, you will also receive the rare opportunity to share your idea with a massive audience of awesome, diverse and influential people!

So let’s break it down:

– The winner will get to speak for 5 minutes at the TedXMelbourne Aug 2012 event ONLY
– The talk must adhere to TED speaker guidelines
– The speaker must be coached to the TED talk standard – compulsory attendance to the practice day (August 23) plus at least 3 times beforehand to craft their talk with the TEDxMelbourne curator
– The talk must be about your “idea worth spreading” – no selling, branding or product/service positioning, no calls to action for volunteers or funding.
– The Video will appear online at the discretion of TEDxMelbourne

All applications from June and July will be considered for this. So get your applications in and spread the word as Awesome Melbourne goes TEDxMelbourne!