Awesome Melbourne teams up with Pozible

December 12, 2011

In the interest of awesome we’ve teamed up with Pozible, Australia’s largest crowdfunding site to expand our reach to even more awesome projects. This newfound friendship is simple and stays true to our Awesome Foundation roots. Just like the Awesome Foundation, Pozible also supports awesome projects and ideas.

Pozible founders, Rick Chen and Alan Crabbe saw a need for a public crowdfunding platform in Australia through their work with visual artists who were falling short when it came to vital start up costs. The pair wanted to create a site for creators and innovators to find early supporters for their projects, thus Pozible was born in May 2010 and has since help fund over 300 projects.

Pozible gives creative individuals, groups and organizations the opportunity to raise funds through pre-selling tangible and intangible rewards by posting a project on If you donate $15 you might get a copy of the creator’s eBook, but by donating $150 you might receive a home cooked meal at the author’s house.

Each project has a funding goal and a time limit (from 1-90 days) set by the project creator; this goal must be met or exceeded to receive any contributions put towards the creator’s project. During this time the project creator spreads the word about their idea to their fans, friends, family, strangers and sponsors to build support. Supporters simply register and help fund the project.

So where does The Awesome Foundation come in?  Before a project is launched on Pozible, project creators will be asked if they would like their project to be considered for the Awesome Foundation grant for that month. By simply ticking a box their project will be put in The Awesome Foundation’s pool of consideration.  If a Pozible project is selected as our monthly awesome recipient Pozible will not take a service fee from the $1000 grant, and if the selected project doesn’t make its funding goal, it will still get to keep the $1000 grant, no strings attached.

In turn, all applications submitted to The Awesome Foundation will automatically be given an invitation to post their project on an otherwise selective Pozible site, with a generous mate’s rate for the service fee collected on funds raised for their project.  The projects we’ve funded have received an overwhelming amount of support from the general public, by putting Awesome Foundation projects on Pozible; fans of funded projects can now make a difference in the projects they hold a sweet spot for.

This initiative was also largely created for the projects that don’t receive funding from the Awesome Foundation. We receive so many awesome projects ever month, but unfortunately we only have one grant to give out. We want the creators of these applications to know there are other options to receive funding and encourage them to stay dedicated to making their projects a reality.

The Melbourne Awesome Foundation and Pozible partnership is a natural one; we both want to link the projects we receive with more resources during their pursuit of awesomeness.