Melbourne Positive Parks Project

December 6, 2011

October Awesome Melbourne grant winner, Kirsty Hulm with Dean Leslie

Melbourne is ecstatic to announce the awesome Positive Parks Project, a one day pop up event for performers, artists and creatives of all types to get together and celebrate! Artist and founder of the Positive Parks Project, Kirsty Hulm likes to call it social networking in the real world.

Sounds awesome! So what exactly is it?

A  day of theatre, art, performance and happening in the form of a communal picnic in the glorious Edinburgh Gardens, which asks those attending to bring an experience, artwork or action to share. It is self initiated- there are no schedules/timetables, and the only rule is fun must be had!

Do you like what you’re hearing? Wanna participate?

This event is being run without asking for permission from any council or governing body. It is about the idea that we can make something for ourselves without waiting to be told it’s okay, without needing to do any more than just be and do what we want, in the moment. This event is heavily influenced by US Festivals, Art Outside, Burning Man and Mutant Fest; please research those events if you’re interested more in this type of action.

The ideal scenario is everyone motivates themselves and their friends to bring something down they’re interested in and self direct their own involvement- the more people that get involved and excited, the more fun, strange and wonderful the day will be. It’s about embracing and enjoying your life as a maker, performer, renegade- about knowing every moment is a chance to see, make and do. To understand that creativity is King, and this is our realm.

This awesome event is sure to house lots and lots of awesome projects so be sure to stop by the Edinburgh Gardens on February 4, 2012 to get in on this creative masterpiece.

To learn more about this event visit the Parks Project Facebook page here

Stay tuned you can be sure we’ll be posting photos of what emerges from The Parks Project!