DC will be 2xAwesome in August

July 24, 2011

Please note a CORRECTION: The 2nd Awesome grant for August, donated by the good folks at Tribal Affairs, will be for $500, not $1000 as originally stated.

A Call to AWESOME: The Awesome Foundation DC partners with Tribal Affairs for a 2nd youth arts grant in August.

The Awesome Foundation DC and Tribal Affairs are pleased to announce an exciting collaboration for a special $500 youth arts grant in August. This will be in addition to the regular monthly $1000 Awesome Grant. Submit your ideas to the DC Chapter here: http://awesomefoundation.org/submissions/new

We are looking for the most courageous and ambitious and most talented student and youth artists from DC and surounds.This months special youth grant has been made possible through an event named Tribal Affairs, that was created by three students from Washington D.C. These three students Alfredo Weeks, Lara Al- Soudani and Matilda Nwoke felt the need to organize an event focused on promoting student work. The Tribal Affairs event united student from culinary arts, visual arts and fashion design into one show to promote themselves.

In addition to creating and hosting a spectacular event, Alfredo, Lara, and Matilda decided that they wanted to donate all ticket proceeds to the Awesome foundation in order to give back to student artists that made the event possible. So, this month we giving out a grant of $500 to a young artists who submits the most ambitiously awesome way to use their artistic talent and a thousand bucks cash! The Tribal Affair coordinators will join the board of the Awesome Foundation in August as the guest trustees to help decide who will receive this special grant.

The regular monthly $1000 Awesome Foundation grant is also available to anyone with an awesomely ambitious idea. So get brainstorming and submit your ideas to the DC chapter here: http://awesomefoundation.org/submissions/new