What is awesome?

July 10, 2011

We’ve had an Awesome Foundation here in Sydney for a few months now and over that time, we’ve seen approximately 50 applications for our monthly grant. We get quite a few questions from friends and colleagues about how the Awesome Foundation works, namely:

1) “What happens if you’re funding terrorism?”

2) “What exactly makes something awesome?”

The answer to question 1 is that we have an application process where we use common logic, and sometimes checking out the project in question, to ensure we don’t fund terrorism. But at the end of the day, it’s a no strings attached grant to do something awesome, and terrorism isn’t really that awesome.

The second question is a bit harder to answer. We all know ‘awesome’ when we see it right? But how exactly do you go about encouraging people to apply for our awesome grant if they’re unaware they might be eligible!?!

9 awesome indicators

Rich Cooper, from AF Toronto, has put together a phenomenal list that we think helps define what is awesome. If you’ve got a little side project on the go and you think it’s totally awesome, you should apply here.

1. Newness – Is this idea totally new?

2. Niceness – Is this idea one that makes people happy or helps people?

3. Bigness/Inclusion – Potential to reach many people – Can anybody join?

4. Hilarity – Does it make us laugh?

5. Wow-ness – Does it make us say “Holy crap, that’s awesome”?

6. Utility – Does the $1000 make the difference between the project
happening or not?

7. Value – Is the awesome foundation getting real “Bang for its buck”?

8. Staying Power – Can the project endure? Will it start a movement, annual event?

9. Environmental Impact – Needless waste is not awesome.

Awesome projects from the past

We know that awesome is as awesome does, right? If you’re still not sure what makes something suitably awesome enough to apply then check out some of these initiatives that have been funded previously.

Random Swings of Joy

Connect the T-Dots

Cardboard Fort Night!

Mapping Woolomooloo

So you’re applying – here’s a quick FAQ to the process:

  1. Apply here and select the chapter most suitable to you.
  2. Our (AF Sydney) applications close at the end of each month, and we announce our winners a couple of weeks later. Some chapters do it differently.
  3. You can apply for multiple months if you don’t win the grant in a month.
  4. You are more than welcome to ask for feedback!

If you know of anybody doing awesome things out there that sound, taste and smell like the above then tell them they should apply! If it sounds like you then what are you waiting for?!