Boston’s Mysterious January ’11 Fellows

April 12, 2011

There’s a reason why we are only now, in the middle of April, announcing the Boston January ’11 Awesome Fellows: it’s because they’re super mysterious.

The Banditos Misteriosos are a troupe of Bostonians who consider themselves Boston’s mysterious playmate. Since 2007, they’ve been organizing public ruckuses and shenanigans that try to provide answers to the two big questions they’re always asking: “Who are these people we pass in the street?” and “How could we use those big open public spaces?”

Nothing like a pillow fight to bring neighbors together

Nothing like a pillow fight to bring neighbors together

Water fight

The Clash of the Ages water fight

The Awesome Foundation is very excited to fund one of their future capers, which should be seeing the light of day in the summer. And although we know all the juicy behind-the-scenes plans, our lips are zipped for now when it comes to details: the mystery must linger! Instead, we’ll let them tell you about the basic idea:

You see, we’re going to make a puzzle.  And some time in the summer, you’ll get to put it together!

Oh… P.S. It’s gonna be GIANT!

Want more details beyond that? Patience! Patience! You’ll find out more soon enough!  For now, we just need you to get excited, start boning up on your puzzling skills, and be sure you’ll be privy to all the latest Giant Puzzle news by signing up on our mailing list.

What more do you need to know??