Awesome Melbourne awards grant to local street artist

March 14, 2011

Awesome Foundation Melbourne is excited to announce the second grant recipient of 2011, aMoment.

aMoment’s project spreads awesome across our special city through art; leaving small reminders – teacups, baby hammocks, all with their own message – in the nooks  and laneways  of Melbourne, for locals and visitors to stumble upon.

The message is simple – a reminder to take a moment and slow down, in a frenetic urban environment that can sometimes sweep us away.

We’re looking forward to the next ‘drop’, a suprise for Melburnians and visitors around Easter.

Read aMoment’s application below:


I am aMoment. I am the street art name for a creative lady who doesn’t usually do street art.

You see, I think we all get a little too busy too often. You know, walk around with blinkers on and such.
You see, when things get too fast, I think we lose perspective a bit. We get flustered, make bad decisions, get our priorities a little mixed up.
This makes me upset

So. I wanted to do something to make people to stop for “aMoment”, take a breath and give their day just a little bit of space.

And this was how aMoment came about.

My first drop was 100 teacups filled with soil and forget-me-nots that i placed on Flinders Lane in June 2010. Each had a tag that said:
“sometimes it’s good for life to stop. Smell the forget-me-nots and all that…”
and the blog address.

I was really amazed/excited/overwhelmed at the number of people who visited the blog. And the number of people that connected with the project and what it was trying to do.

This (obviously) pleased me, and has inspired me to keep working on it.

My second drop was little hammocks, and I am wanting to play with some other ideas. For example, little origami boats floating in jars of half-filled water. Green glass bottles with notes from children. Teacups with woven nests inside etc

But, of course, $ is a little problem… I am going back to study this year so I am lacking the funds to continue with the project self-funded.

And this is why I am turning to you.

It would be really lovely to have the funds and time to continue the project. You see, I’ve begun to feel it’s important. That we need more optimism in our lives.

In general, the world doesn’t seem all that great right now does it?

aMoment is small, but it’s trying to make the world a little better. Not only by making the streets look a little nicer, but by trying to change the day of the person who finds one.

Who knows, maybe they’ll then make a good decision.

Xx aMoment

The $1000 would allow me to do another two drops this year.

I already have funds to do another teacup drop, so would put this $1000 towards two new and different drops. Apart from the materials ($300), a new project is likely to be quite human-resource heavy so I’d put it towards feeding some helpful hands (biscuits and whatnot) aswell as giving myself a little space to do the project. To do this I’d pay myself $150 per drop allowing myself “amoment” between uni and work commitments.

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