Washington DC wants YOU to vote #1 for Awesome

November 2, 2010

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the Awesome Foundation DC is open for business and ready to uphold your rights to awesomeness from the nations capital.

The board of the Awesome Foundation DC is staffed by some of the districts most committed civic innovators, ready to help turn your dreams of awesomeness into reality, $1000 at a time.

The Awesome Foundation DC is (L-R): Mark Drapeau / @Cheeky_Geeky, Shana Glickfield / @Dcconcierge, Frank Tobia / @Ftobes, Erica Williams / @Ericawilliamsdc, Philippa Hughes / @Pinklineproject, Garlin Gilcrist II / @Garlin, Charlie Bengel Jr, Peter Corbett / @Corbett3000, Eric Mill / @Klondike, Alexander Howard / @Digiphile, Bonnie Shaw  /@Bon_Zai (Dean of Awesome + contact for queries)

Each month (starting now!) we will award $1000 cash to a project that promotes awesomeness in the District and surrounds. Your idea/innovation/project can be sublime or ridiculous (or sublimely ridiculous!) as long as it meets the following criteria:

1.    It’s awesome.
2.    It’s got impact.
3.    It’s going to happen soon.

First round submissions close midnight Tues 30 November.  To enter, complete the Washington DC application form here.

For further inspiration, read more about the origins of Awesome here and check out what some of the other chapters have funded here, here, and here.
Stay in touch with us @AFdnDC and follow our collective exploits at Awesome Foundation DC.

Stand up and make your awesomeness heard. Be awesome now.