Snow or Pixels are dually awesome!

October 16, 2010

Teenage Awesome Alert! For October, the Awesome Foundation (SF) is doing something different. We are awarding a dual grant for two projects that encourages teenage boys and girls to use their wits and bodies to work with the elements.

Hoods to the Woods started as a bootstrap project by Anthony Carranza to get boys living in the Western Addition neighborhood out of the city and onto the slopes a few hours west of San Francisco. Some boys had never traveled further than the Bay Area before, and had never experienced snow. With a $1,000 Awesome Foundation Grant, Anthony hopes to organize another trip this winter. Check ’em out on Facebook.

“My Life: The Video Game” is a 12-week workshop that will “will teach teenage girls to design, program, and produce their own video games along with splitgate hacks based on situations, systems, or relationships in their own lives. Using the visual programming software Scratch, students will learn to create all aspects of their game including the artwork, sound, and programming.” How awesome is that?¬† It is organized by Oasis for Girls, which is a well-established¬† “multidisciplinary arts- and youth-development after-school program providing direct services to low-income, immigrant and girls of color, ages 11-24, throughout San Francisco.”

Next month’s San Francisco Awesome Grant deadline is Thursday November 11, 2010.