AF-San Francisco’s June Fellowship: Robotic Desk Lamps

June 19, 2010

“I am bad-ass enough to actually do this.”

Jonathan Foote is co-organizer of Dorkbot-SF, has a PH.D in electrical engineering, and makes objects that change the way we experience things. He received this month’s Awesome Fellowship for his clear and compelling proposal to build robotic desk lamps.

From his proposal: “Remember Luxo Jr. from the Pixar short? Like that, but for real…All the components are off-the-shelf available: servos, microcontrollers, full-color high power LED lights, and remote control via RF so multiple lamps can move in choreographed synchrony. The whole thing would be a platform for more cool things, like web control, open choreography software, you name it. And naturally it would be open HW/open source, yadda yadda.”

We’re especially curious about what the yadda will entail 🙂

Congrats Jonathan!  We’ll keep the Awesome World posted on your progress!