Awesome Ottawa awards first $1000 grant

June 5, 2010

The Ottawa chapter of The Awesome Foundation is proud to announce that today we will be awarding our first grant of $1000 to Alicia Dobson of Project Y. Project Y is a group of young and passionate change-makers who aspire to make positive change and change the face of their community. There are all different types of individuals: students, social entrepreneurs, musicians, artists, scientists, and others. Many are Millennium Laureates, some are TD Scholars, and others are individuals with an unbelievable commitment and determination to make positive change.

For their kick-off event, Alicia and her team are organizing an Art Flash Mob to show people the beauty that exists here in our city. In Alicia’s own words, “The music, art, and culture in this city is astonishing – we want people to see it.” This exciting first event will take place in downtown Ottawa on the afternoon of May 12th. Look for them and join in the fun!

See their video proposal here: Project Y: Art Flash Mob

The Awesome Foundation for the Arts and Sciences was founded in Boston in June 2009 and has now spread to six cities. The Ottawa Chapter (Awesome Ottawa), founded in April 2010, awards $1,000 grants monthly to projects that advance the interest of Awesomeness in our universe and in particular in our city. There are no requirements for applying, no definite criteria for deciding the winner, and no limitations beyond the necessity for being awesome. Do you have an awesome idea? Apply today!

The award party was generously hosted by Ian Graham at The Code Factory.

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