Boston Fans: A Dean of Awesome Is Needed!

December 15, 2009

Are you based in Boston and want to be involved the Awesome Foundation? Want to participate as a micro-trustee to the Awesome Foundation but don’t have the money? Want to serve the interest of promoting and protecting Awesomeness in the universe?

Well, now you can! I’m glad to announce today that the Boston Awesome Foundation is seeking a Dean of Awesome to team up with our existing Boston board of 10 micro-trustees.

The Dean will participate with the rest of the trustees in reading/voting/choosing a winner each month (and will undertake the same Oath of Service), but will be completely freed from the usual obligations of being a micro-trustee in contributing $100 a month to our monthly fellowship award.

Instead, the Dean will take on the responsibility of managing and creatively expanding our monthly award event logistics, the chapter’s online presence (blog/twitter/etc), community building with our past fellows, and other scheduling for Awesome Foundation Boston.

If you’re interested in participating as the Dean, please drop a message describing your interest and what awesome things you’re involved in to by January 8th. We’ll be doing interviews then. Let us know if you have any questions!