The September Awesome Grant: Forty Days of Dataviz

September 2, 2009

This month’s Awesome Fellowship goes to Greg Kapfhammer, whose project is to hold a forty day data visualization contest, what he calls the Forty Day Visual Feast Project. Prizes to include a good deal of cold hard cash as well as quality large-scale reproductions of the winner’s visualizations.

So get to reading Flowing Data againget your Processing dusted off, and your volumes of Tufte all ready to go. Plans are still coming together and details for the competition will be announced on this blog. If you’re interested in keeping posted about this, join the project mailing list or drop an e-mail to tim AT timhwang DOT org. More details about the project available here.

Greg describes:

Have you ever seen a visualization of a data set, process, or phenomenon that took your breath away because it effectively explained a difficult to understand concept? The Forty Day Visual Feast Project (FDVFP) will support the creation of forty exciting visualizations that are designed to inspire and educate both scientists and artists. Upon its completion, the FDVFP will showcase forty images, a description of the steps that you can take to construct them for yourself, and a commentary on their strengths and weaknesses. The FDVFP site will include an informative page for each visualization and a beautiful wall-sized poster highlighting each of the designs.  Of course, the FDVFP needs your help in order to complete these final deliverables!  You can learn more by visiting