Feeding and Funding Bluebrain

August 27, 2011

Sometimes, here in DC, we get so overwhelmed with awesome projects that we need to experiment with new ways to fund more than one a month. One such project came our way this August from the creative powerhouse of Bluebrain – also known individually as Ryan and Hayes Holladay. Ryan and Hayes live and work in Washington DC and have gained a reputation for innovative and often large scale works, installations, concerts and experiences. Their most recent endeavor, an album called ‘The National Mall‘, made available exclusively as an iPhone app, is a musical chose-your-own-adventure that allows the listener to explore music as they traverse the landscape in downtown DC. They have been featured in WIRED Magazine, Fast Company, The Washington Post and others. The Awesome Foundation DC is hosting a special starlit fundraising dinner in their honor to raise an additional $1000 grant to fun their new project: The Living House. The Living House is a 2 day sound installation that transforms a house on H St into a walk-through sonic experience designed by Bluebrain and featuring contributions from other sound artists and composers. Each room in the house will be equipped with a separate speaker that will combine to create the entire work. Sounds will literally run through the house, rooms will harmonize with one… read more →