Awesome Award: Enormous Mammoth Sunflower Eruptions to Take Over Baltimore’s Neglected Urban Spaces

July 9, 2014

Ever seen a woolly mammoth loping through the streets of Baltimore?!? … How about a flowery one? Thanks to Awesome Baltimore and our newest grantee, Mammoth Sun Movers, the city’s neglected nooks and forgotten crannies will soon witness gigantic fifteen-foot tall mammoth-variety sunflowers bursting up into the air for our delight and amusement … Congratulations to Mammoth Sun Movers co-founders Zoe Friedman and Sarah McNeil – artists, friends, and partners in crime… Both are self-proclaimed “transplants” but after years of “laying down roots” feel deeply connected to Baltimore. They’ll be spending the Awesome Grant and the next few months growing the sunflowers in mobile containers and then move them like giant floral installations between different spots throughout the city. Best of all, you’ll be able to take one home with you. That’s right! Adopt a mammoth. Those who do will be able to register their sunflower and post pictures and comments to the Mammoth Sun Movers website. Other guerilla gardeners will also be able to post pictures of their own mischievous Baltimore city operations. Keep on the lookout for these beauteous behemoths, and if you’re eager for some of your own seed money for your own spectacular project or miraculous creation, be sure to apply for our… read more →