Awesome Hours: September

September 15, 2012

Kingston, you’re all invited to come out to Awesome Hours at 7:00PM on Thursday, 20 September at Coffeeco Market Square! What are Awesome Hours, you ask? They’re like office hours, kicked up a notch – it’s a time when anyone can come out to sit down with Awesome Kingston trustees, potential pitchers, and creative minds to idea jam and chat awesomeness. Whether you have an awesome project already lined up for submission, or you just want to connect and network with others who do, or you’re just really curious about this whole Awesome Foundation thing, we encourage you to come out! We’ll be sitting down at the community table at Coffeeco’s Market Square location to stir up a whirlwind of brilliance. We’re coming off our summer break and the gears are in motion for an exciting October pitch party. This is the time to get excited and energized – start working on those flashes of brilliance you’ve been having and turn them into pitches that could win $1,000 to make the Limestone City more awesome! Awesome Hours are just the place to do that. If you’re interested in getting involved and volunteering with Awesome Kingston, or looking to become a… read more →