Awesome Sandy Rebuild FAQ

March 22, 2013

What is the Awesome Foundation? The Awesome Foundation is decentralized micro-granting organization that gives monthly grants of $1000 to organizations and projects advancing Awesomeness in the Universe. For more information about the Awesome Foundation, visit their homepage here: How does Awesome Sandy Rebuild fit in? After seeing the devastating impact of Hurricane Sandy on the tri-state area, several New York residents came together to form an Awesome chapter dedicated exclusively to projects that helped to repair the hearts, spirits, minds and lives of those affected by Hurricane Sandy. Who is on Awesome Sandy Rebuild? The Awesome Sandy Rebuild Chapter is made up of people from a variety of backgrounds and specialties. Some work at not-profits, some work in the arts, and some have volunteered in storm affected areas. ¬†They are all dedicated to helping the communities devastated by Hurricane Sandy recover as Awesome-ly as possible. What kind of projects are you looking to fund? Projects that are likely to catch our eyes are those that specifically and creatively show us how they will use $1000. Both individuals and organizations can and should apply with projects that put the $1000 grant towards anything that advances both Awesomeness and Sandy relief…. read more →