Over 1,000 Awesome Grant Applications in One Month!

May 23, 2012

We are proud to announce that this month, for the first time ever we have received over 1,000 grant applications worldwide in one month (1,018 to be precise). When the Awesome Foundation began in Boston, never could have we imagined during our first meetings that three years later we could have over a thousand applications per month from around the world, with dozens of chapters and hundreds of members all helping make the world a more awesome and beautiful place. Reviewing the grants is truly a wonderful experience as we get to see a small snapshot of how people around the world want to improve their communities, create amazing art, and make others smile through their awesome endeavors. Although we aren’t able to award grants to everyone, we know that many of the applicants find alternate methods of funding and go on to make great things happen with or without our assistance and nothing can stop their awesomeness. We are thankful to everyone who has applied and who will apply in the future. You are each awesome in your own way.