Awesome Palm Beach donates a $1,700 no-strings attached micro-grant to Jack the Bike Man

February 10, 2014

On the evening of Thursday February 6th, Awesome Palm Beach, the Palm Beach County chapter of the Awesome Foundation, met for its Pitch Party and Grant Award and donated a $1,700 micro-grant to Jack The Bike Man.

Awesome Palm Beach February Pitch Party and Grant

January 28, 2014

Each month Awesome Palm Beach gives a minimum of $1,000 to a project, no strings attached. In Februrary we invite anyone to join us and support AWESOMENESS in Palm Beach County! This month we are accepting pitch presentation from these very worth finalists and will get a short updated from our December winner: Jack the Bike Man Jack the Bike Man, Inc. is a growing non-profit organization and is so much more than your average bicycle collective. Not only does Jack the Bike Man have a variety of projects that make up the Wheels of Hope Program, which gave away more than 1000 bikes during the 2013 holiday season, but also provides jobs to at-risk youth in West Palm Beach. Summer Reading for Children 6-9 We will purchase fun, engaging reading material for ages 6-9 that will captivate their interests during the summer break out of school. This will also include incentives for children that fulfill the commitment of 15 minutes of reading per day. South Florida Crowd Funding Will work to keep crowd funds local for local entrepreneurs we help, creating jobs locally as we develop a regional brand through our fourth mission function – Cooperation. Cooperation throughout the… read more →

Awesome Palm Beach holds first pitch party: Makes $1100 microgrant to My Own Home Project

December 6, 2013

On the evening of December 5th, Awesome Palm Beach, the Palm Beach County chapter of the Awesome Foundation, met for its very first very Pitch Party and Grant Award and donated a $1,100 micro-grant to My Own Home Project. Jeff Brown, one of the co-founders of Awesome Palm Beach, explains the concept, “We give a no-strings-attached grant each month of at least $1,000 to people who do something awesome in Palm Beach County. These grants can go to individuals, groups, companies, charities, self-help groups or any type of entity to support projects in charity, sciences, arts, civic engagement, media, entertainment… just about anything as long as long as it contributes to making Palm Beach County more awesome!  The grants are crowdfunded from the trustees of Awesome Palm Beach and from anyone with $100 that attends our monthly Pitch Parties.” According to Brown, “By offering these micro-grants the trustees of Awesome Palm Beach seek to support worthy local organizations and projects for which the money would make a huge impact to the community and the people of Palm Beach County.” Making good on its mission, Awesome Palm Beach recently heard live presentations from a number of non-profit and start up companies… read more →

First Ever Awesome Palm Beach Pitch Party and Grant Award on 12/5/13

November 18, 2013

Awesome Palm Beach is having our very first Pitch Party and Grant Award on Thursday December 5th in West Palm Beach, FL. RSVP NOW AT: We make small, no strings attached, micro-genius grants for flashes of micro-brilliance and awesomeness in Palm Beach County. We invite ANYONE with $100 and the desire to support Awesomeness in Palm Beach to join us and help to select and crowdfund the winner for our first ever grant! Pitches by finalists will be followed by a short vote of attendees  and then the award of the microgrant! This will be followed by Awesome Hours around 8:30 pm which is a great time to network with other great people who think Palm Beach is awesome and want to make it ever more awesome. Trustees will be around too so feel free to ask us questions and chat with us. All money collected will be donated to the winner selected that that night! —– Have a crazy brilliant idea that needs funding? We award a minimum  $1,000 grant every month to awesome projects and people in Palm Beach County. It couldn’t be simpler! Your idea is yours alone. We don’t want a stake in it. We… read more →