AF-NYC’s Second Award – The Anywhere Organ

March 9, 2010

Congratulations to Matthew Borgatti and his Anywhere Organ!  AF-NYC loved his idea as much as bagels, coffee and bialys (and more). We kept our second award choice a surprise until last night’s second AF-NYC party at Zeitzeff in the LES, which was packed full of NYC’s most super, Awesome people. M@ and his AF Award (picture @magnify) Here’s M@’s original application: Pipe organs are incredible, awesome instruments. One incredible aspect that contributes to their awesomeness is their ability to play a space. Each space an organ resides in reacts differently, creating different tones, and essentially allowing room for an infinite variety of instruments. Unfortunately nearly every pipe organ in existence is bolted irrevocably into a wall staring longingly at fornications all day. This is why I’m creating the Anywhere Organ. I’ve designed a system where each note, each pipe of a pipe organ is attached to a central air supply through a hose. The air to each organ pipe is controlled by a solenoid valve articulated through Arduino. I’m writing modules to take MIDI keyboard information and translate it to the valves. Each hose is independent making for an octopus like instrument where each separate pipe can be installed with… read more →

Awesome NYC Launch Party

February 5, 2010

Awesome NY have made their first selection! It was tough NY – you completely blew us away with amazing incredibly brilliant ideas. We are awarding January’s $1000 grant to Ben Dubin-Thaler’s Cell Motion BioBus. Come celebrate with us at the First AF-NY Award Ceremony on Monday February 8 at 8 pm, at the Apple Bar, 17 Waverly at Greene (no cover, cash bar).  Join us for a beer and meet the NY Micro Trustees. Join our event on Facebook.

New York Makes First Award: A BIG LASER!

January 29, 2010

Awesome NY have made their first selection!  It was tough NY – you completely blew us away with amazing incredibly brilliant ideas. But – this month, for our inaugural grant, we’ve picked a LASER TWEEZER that makes amoebas eat bacteria. Awesomeness to the MAX. No – really, its a laser tractor beam that prods amoebas.  We’ve awarded January’s $1000 grant to Ben Dubin-Thaler’s Cell Motion BioBus. We’ll be celebrating with Ben at the First AF-NY Award Ceremony on Monday February 8 at 8 pm, at the Apple Bar, Waverly at Greene. Come and join us for a beer, meet the NY Micro Trustees – and we’re working on getting the BioBus there too.  Beyond Awesome. More on the BioBus: The BioBus is a mobile science laboratory. Students on board explore the world around them with research-grade microscopes, and make their own discoveries under the guidance of professional scientists.  The BioBus has proven to be an innovative, effective, and attention getting vehicle for science education. Ben has been named “New Yorker of the Week” by New York One and have been recognized in regional, national, and international press for this innovative approach to bridging the “science achievement gap.” A laser tractor beam will be… read more →

New York is GO!

January 14, 2010

Last night the NY micro-trustees got together – and here we are…. We’re completely excited to introduce our newest trustees: Brandon Kessler Dawn Barber Steve Rosenbaum The deadline for this month’s submissions is 11:59 PM Eastern on the 14th (tonight!) Apply at