New Kids On The Block in Boston

January 25, 2011

There’s some new* blood in the Boston Chapter of The Awesome Foundation.
  • Christina Xu
    2nd Tim Hwang** Chair for Higher Awesome Studies (July 2010)
    In addition to being the Multitasker at Breadpig, Christina is the co-founder of ROFLCon, one of the proprietors of a coworking space in Cambridge called p.irateship, and a DJ for a weekly radio show called Global Frequency. She tweets about all of these things and more here.
  • Chris Marstall
    2nd Emily Daniels** Chair for Higher Awesome Studies (October 2010)
    Chris is a programmer and creator of the concert alert service He’s the Creative Technologist at The Boston Globe charged with establishing their Media Lab, and a fixture on the local music technology scene to boot. Word on the street is that he likes his ‘Awesome’ projects public & risky.

>> Once you’re Awesome, you’re awesome forever. You can move-run-hide, but you can’t get out. Here’s what Boston’s outgoing micro-trustees are up to now.
>> Tim Hwang (Awesome Foundation Instigator) is now 2nd Amit Gupta Chair for Higher Awesome Studies in the San Francisco Chapter.
>> The Awesome Foundation founding legend includes cave drawings of founding members, David Fisher & Matt Blake, swapping chairs on day one. Matt continues to uphold the honor of the 2nd David Fisher Chair for Higher Awesome Studies. David is currently recruiting for Awesome Columbus.
>> Emily Daniels (also a Boston Founder) was called back to Canada to keep the streets safe for Awesome, and is founding member of the topic based Awesome Food Chapter (launching later this month).
>> David Nunez is currently cooking with gas on a venture of his own. Be on the lookout for a tag team event with Dorkbot Boston in the future.

* So, um, a few of the “new” kids have been on the board since last Fall but the dog ate their announcement blog post. Freakin’ dog. :/