Grants Awarded

February 22, 2011


The Serval Project by Paul Gardner-Stephen
Boston, May 2010

Status: Completed! Paul completed a prototype of the system, garnering attention from ABC news as well as Australian program New Inventors. This led to Paul’s university giving him a 3-year fellowship to continue work on the project. 150% awesome!

A History of the Sky by Ken Murphy
San Francisco, May 2010

Status: Completed! Ken collected a year’s worth of photos and installed it at the Bay Area Makers Faire as well as at SIGGRAPH. Follow the project here.

Grassroots Mapping the Gulf Spill by Jeffrey Yoo Warren
Boston, April 2010

Status: Completed! After additional fundraising through Kickstarter, Jeff went down to New Orleans to teach residents how to document the spill. Find pictures, maps, and technical details here.

Iguana House by Brooklyn Children’s Museum
New York, April 2010

Status: ??

DIY Bio-engineered Inks by Charles Fracchia
Boston, March 2010

Status: Completed! Charles demonstrated his inks at the Awesome Foundation party in his honor on April 23rd, 2010.

Materials PettingZoo by Matt Grigsby
Providence, February 2010

Status: ??

The Anywhere Organ by Matthew Borgatti
New York, February 2010

Status: M@ is working on it! Follow his progress on this here blog.

Cash Cart Providence Trivia Ride by Steph Burbridge
Providence, January 2010

Status: ??

Cell Motion BioBus by Ben Dubin-Thaler
New York, January 2010

Status: ??

Giant Guitar by Otto D’Ambrosio
Providence, December 2009

Status: ??

Tools for Improved Social Interaction by Lauren McCarthy
Boston, December 2009

Status: Completed! Read more here.

Eco-Pod Armada by Lee Altman
Boston, November 2009

Status: Completed! Pictures, videos, and more details here.

Cotton Candy Cannon by Josh Gordonson
Boston, October 2009

Status: Funded, but incomplete =(

The Forty Day Visual Feast Project by Greg Kapfhammer
Boston, September 2009

Status: Funded, but incomplete =(

The Big Hammock by Hansy Better Barraza
Boston, August 2009

Status: Completed! After a year of negotiating with city government and additional fundraising, Hansy held an opening party for the Big Hammock on August 20th, 2010. The project received much praise and wonderful press.